Sicilian Night Out

We're heating up the kitchen, and we want you, your friends, your spouse, even your co-workers to join in!  
Have you been spending your evenings binge watching Netflix?  Have you been looking for something new, something that is worth waiting to watch the next episode?  
Dolce Si has got a night worth getting up off the couch and come down to the Ruston Waterfront.  Our Night in Sicily is absolutely for you.  
Night in Sicily is all about food, fun, wine, and laughing so hard your cheeks hurt!  We're going to get you to put your hand in the dough, handcraft our decadent swans, and sip our amazing drinks!  
So tell your friends, your family, even that grumpy guy down the block!  Sign up for the best night out you've had in a long, long, time!

So, what's the best night out cost.  Only $75.00 for 4 hours of more fun than watching two seals play ping pong.  OK, that would be amazing!  But, you get what I'm telling you.  Sign up today!  There is only 15 spots available per class!
Don't miss out!